The scientific program of FNS/2019 will comprise three and one-half days of talks in a single, plenary-session format. The program will include two poster sessions and fourteen oral sessions.

Among session foci for FNS/2019 are:

  • quantum electromechanics
  • strongly nonlinear dynamical response
  • synchronization & pattern formation phenomena with NEMS & MEMS resonators
  • quantum & classical fluctuations far from equilibrium and many-body localization of vibrational excitations
  • topological effects in phononic systems
  • mechanical-domain dissipation, many-body quantum dissipation, and dissipation engineering in NEMS & MEMS
  • single- and multi-modal Floquet dynamics
  • coupling of mechanical vibrations to other degrees of freedom – including atoms, molecules, electrons, spins, and photons.
  • classical & quantum sensing with nanomechanical systems

Invited Speakers (confirmed):

Our list of confirmed invited speakers currently includes:

Invited Speaker Organization COUNTRY
Adrian Bachtold ICFO Spain
Warwick Bowen U. Queensland Australia
Christoph Bruder U. Basel Switzerland
Ho Bun Chan HKUST Hong Kong
Andrew Cleland U. Chicago USA
Aashish Clerk U. Chicago USA
Eddy Collin Institut Neel / CNRS France
Christian Degen ETHZ Switzerland
Alex Eichler ETHZ Switzerland
M. Selim Hanay Bilkent U. Turkey
Daiki Hatanaka NTT Japan
Tom Kenny Stanford U. USA
Jeff Kimble Caltech USA
Tobias Kippenberg EPFL Switzerland
Yoonseok Lee U. Florida USA
Niels Loerch U. Basel Switzerland
Daniel Lopez Argonne USA
Florian Marquardt U. Erlangen Germany
Matt Matheny Caltech USA
Paul McEuen Cornell U. USA
Ryuichi Ohta NTT Japan
Vittorio Peano U. Malta Malta
Fabio Pistolesi U. Bordeaux France
Jean-Philippe Poizat Institut Neel / CNRS France
Ewa Rej Caltech USA
John Sader U. Melbourne Australia
Elke Scheer U. Konstanz Germany
Rob Schoelkopf Yale U. USA
Steve Shaw Florida Inst. Tech. USA
Mika Sillanpaa Aalto U. Finland
Junho Suh KRISS Korea
Yukihiro Tadokoro Toyota Labs Japan
Hongxing Tang Yale U. USA
Guillermo Villanueva EPFL Switzerland
Eva Weig U. Konstanz Germany
Dana Weinstein Purdue U. USA


As for the previous 2017 event, FNS/2019 is intended to be a working meeting. Each session will include ample time for discussions amongst speakers and workshop participants. “Moderator/provocateurs” will preside over each session to facilitate free-flowing and continuous dialog. The provocateurs will anchor discussions and prevent uninterrupted monologues by peppering the speakers’ presentations, as appropriate, with preconceived “blue-sky” questions.

FNS/2019 will be organized as follows: Two morning sessions will be held each day, separated by an half-hour coffee/discussion break. Lunches will be provided during an extended period, after which two additional afternoon sessions will commence, which are also punctuated by an extended coffee/discussion break. There will be a conference reception on Sunday evening and a conference banquet on Wednesday evening. On two evenings (Monday & Tuesday) sufficient time will be allocated to permit conference participants to walk to the excellent restaurants nearby.

The draft agenda for FNS/2019 is delineated below; please note that further updates are likely!